The Song of the Ox

Kate Moore

A river is an artery,
a bloodline that provides sustenance
and connection
between places, people, wildlife,
land and nature.

A river is the circulatory system of the land.
It is an orchestration
of abundance and resourcefulness,
and as we drink,
the rivers become connected
to the waters of our body,
the waters of our birth returning to earth,
where our ancestors silently await our return.

A river is a pathway through time,
Because all life passes from birth to death,
and yet the flow of the river remains constant.

Where a river is born,
The Earthen Mother presides over
the sweet waters of the well-spring,
healing and inspiring the fire of creativity.

Her knowledge, wisdom and memory
is the toolbox for poets, artists and musicians
and her prophetic journey though hills and forests
is pure song and the spirit of the wind.

Her devoted and loyal protector is the Ox
a gentle, beast of burden,
a path finder who follows hidden waterways
in a straight line
travelling in the direction of the sun
setting off at the beginning of time,
is in search of her
to the end of the world.