Kate Moore will walk through four countries The Netherlands, England, Wales, Ireland following four rivers that cross the east to west line The Maas, The Thames, The Severn, The Lee to the west most point in Ireland. From there in the direction of Dublin she will end the journey in Kildare 2 February 2020, the beginning of the Celtic spring festival of Imbolc and the day of the Goddess Brigid who shares the celebration with the saint of the same name. Moore draws a red thread, walking in a straight line as the crow flies, from east to west, following the sun, through places whose name refers to oxen or Brigid, stitching together four countries of her ancestors, and casting an emergency line to connect to people, to the land and The Environment. She is walking for Peace. The path of her journey is eternalised and recounted through music, where the rivers and the land become the musical score.